Six Meals Versus Three?

Six Meals Versus Three?

Reading fitness/health magazines as often as I can, I always see meal plans that are basically broken up into six small meals a day. Let me tell you that I have tried this and seem to become ravenous.

This is an example of my six meals –

Breakfast – soy milk w/ 2 scoops protein powder
Snack – cashews or almonds
Lunch- Tuna w/ light mayo or oilve oil and vinegar
Snack – 1 cup green grapes, cottage cheese
Dinner – Omlette or scrambled eggs with salsa and veggies
Snack – apple

Looking at this I can see a lot of things wrong, like not enough fruits and vegetables. Anyway I usually make this up with my 7th meal – yes, I have a 7th meal because after six I am very, very hungry. So it’s plain to see that this approach is not causing any weight loss.

It’s confusing because my nutritionist has always recommended three full meals with no snacks in between. She works with athletes, too, so you can see how I get mixed up.

If I could just figure out how to curb my hunger with these meals, I would do it. But it seems that most of my success has been with three meals and maybe a snack somewhere.

If six small meals work for you, then great. I know it’s better for the metabolism. Me, I’ll just keep experimenting until I find myself full.