Some Simple Health Tips For Men

Man jogging

Some Simple Health Tips For Men

Man jogging

It is crucial to take control of your health no matter your age, and there’s no time like the present to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Men, like women, need to visit their doctor regularly, manage stress, exercise frequently, and eat healthy foods.

The following checklist of men’s health tips will give you a solid base from which to help you focus on a healthier lifestyle – regardless of your age and general health.

1. Even if you feel OK, it is important to have regular checkups.

Having a routine physical checkup is one of the best things men can do to promote good health. A physical should not only include a general check-up, but also include blood pressure, cholesterol, testosterone levels and glucose measurements.

2. When in doubt, make an appointment to see your doctor.

You should also consult a doctor if you observe any changes in your sleeping or bathroom habits, have a sore or cut that isn’t healing, if your moles or birthmarks have changed, if your weight fluctuates, or you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Many serious health problems start as minor issues that could have been avoided or managed earlier. Instead of thinking that it’s a matter “toughing it out”, make an investment in your future health by talking to your doctor about your concerns.

3. Your family history is important – discuss it with your doctor.

If your father or other relatives have had a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, you could be more at risk of developing these conditions yourself. Your doctor will help you create a plan of action that minimizes those risks and increases your chances of detecting those issues early.

4. Get moving.

Getting at least 30 minutes per day of exercise is ideal. If you have difficulty getting in your workouts, a 20-minute walk with your spouse or friend, or some playtime outside with your children or grandchildren can help to relieve stress, lose weight and keep your heart healthy.

5. Allow yourself to take a breather.

Taking some time out to go to a ballgame, play some golf, or just watching some TV with friends and family once in a while can be great for your wellbeing. These are not only fun activities, but also great activities to help reduce stress. If you’re struggling to get some leisure time, search for creative ways to find some time for yourself . You could listen to audiobooks or podcasts while driving to work, or when doing yard work.

6. Talk to your doctor about screenings for cancer.

Your doctor might recommend screening for lung cancer, prostate cancer or colon cancer based on your lifestyle and family history.

7. Quit smoking.

Talk to your doctor about creating an action plan, then choose a day to quit and follow through with it.