Dangers of Estrogen

Dangers of Estrogen

Chart showing symptoms of high estrogen levels in men.

Estrogen is a female hormone that everybody might be exposed to whether you realize it or not. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide.

Awhile back I was on this soy kick, because a co-worker swears by it and I think he believes it’s the greatest thing the health industry puts out. When I started having stomache pains, I began to research soy starting at WebMD. Although soy may be healthy, large amounts can be dangerous because you can overload with estrogen. Although it may be bad for men, it can also give women too much of the hormone causing havoc with their bodies.

Here’s a site that compares pros and cons on soy side-by-side. I disagree with some of the article, especially when it talks about muscle mass. I base this on that co-worker who first told me about soy and it’s benefits.

There are those who make claims seem false or un-researched. These are usually Vegan sites that love soy and tufu. Keep in mind that I am not saying to avoid it, but just to not consume too much and think it is beneficial. The studies on Orientals leaves out the fact that soy is not consumed in large quantities. Still the arguments on soy go on and on and on and on and on and on and on! In another entry about a site of the World’s Healthiest foods, if you click on Soy, it will give you an objectionable view of both the good and the bad.

In another discussion, someone wondered if men are becoming less masculine. I believe men are and I believe that estrogen is a BIG contributor. Although this topic was about soy, other environmental factors may need to be researched. By research, I mean somethings may be far-fetched and I disagree with, but I rule nothing out.

The co-worker I talked about trains everyday like clockwork. Although he does have muscle mass, it seems to be less than it can be. I also feel that his chest resembles more the breast form than the chest form. This trend seems to be growing! The co-worker also like clockwork consumes soy and tofu like it’s going out of style. For lunch he eats a tofurkey sandwich, piled high, followed by soy chips(that are over 2 servings) and washes them down with soy milk. Now I don’t believe soy will turn one gay or anything like that, but my co-worker, although he is married, is highly emotional (for lack of a better term). He does things at times that may be considered feminine. He probably would do well to review his options for increasing bedroom performance.

Let me repeat that I believe soy is very beneficial if it isn’t over-consumed. The problem is that it is appearing unnoticed in certain foods like whole grain. That is why you should always read the nutrition label and the ingredients.