About Us

About Us

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About Our Organization

For more than 30 years, we have given people the tools to make positive changes in the world, by generating both awareness and financial resources for the promotion of health and wellbeing. We are dedicated to building healthier and happier communities together.

Our Mission

Our organization exists to empower individuals to take initiative in improving health and wellbeing.

Coming Together For Health

  • Making a difference for 40+ years.
  • Partnering with over 1,000 non-profit organizations.
  • Collaborating with 800 businesses and organizations.
  • Overseen by a dedicated national board of directors from several major corporations.
  • Reaching 8 million employees and 500 million in overall audience per year.
  • Generated $500 million for nonprofit organizations via Combined Federal Campaign since its outset.
  • Generated $150 million via workplace giving over past 7 years.

To Engage

We form partnerships with companies, non-profit organizations, governments, community leaders, and individuals, and collaborate with businesses to motivate workers and advance programs that are measurably improving quality of health and community strength.

To Educate

We promote awareness for general health and wellbeing, provide health resource materials and tools for employee engagement to build greater social significance, and encourage business and organizational partners to contribute to programs that are actively increasing the health of the overall population and community.

To Empower

We support people with challenging health issues, create opportunities to encourage positive change through sharing and volunteering, and arrange for leaders in the public and private sectors to offer their innovative and promising insights to increase the health of individuals and employees.